Our commitments


As a company, we are governed by the values we hold, as well as our shared environmental and social commitments. These values and commitments determine and inspire the way we conduct our business, with honesty, respect, and integrity. We have a detailed Employee Handbook outlining all company policies, publicly available to view. We also have an Ethical Marketing Policy in place, outlining our Marketing commitments.

We are led by our board of directors, made up of Tom Wolsey (Director), David Blake (Director), Carlos Soria (Director) and Sid Barnes (Non-Executive Director).

We make every effort to be inclusive and ensure we positively impact our communities, wider society, and the environment.

We commit to giving 2% of our profit, 2% of our time and 2% of our resources in support of our environmental and social projects.

We are a certified B Corporation, verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

As part of communicating our commitments within our wider community, we have produced our Client and Supplier Code of Conduct document. This code of conduct is intended to further our commitments and promote diversity within our supply chain, and beyond.

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