Market Insights

Partnering with us gives you a competitive advantage.

We provide you with valuable information from our own research and data analysis. We make sure this information can be directly actioned upon to benefit your business strategy.

Our in-house research team is skilled at designing research that informs your business objectives and in turn, helps you navigate your market successfully.

We regularly review the outlook of our markets through structured surveys and benchmarking reviews to ensure a consistent view of what's happening and when.

Utilising our own internal data and a strong knowledge of the markets we cover, we also draw on external sources of data, informed by surveys, interviews, and publicly available information to ensure a multi-dimensional view of our markets.

Salary Insights

Employee rewards programs help you get the most out of your people and recruit and retain top talent.

We are at the forefront of insights and expertise on pay, benefits and incentives in renewable energy and sustainability markets.

We create pay benchmarks specific to your job roles, specialisms and location. We use them to see how your reward programs compare to your competitors, and we recommend improvements to attract and retain great talent.

We produce an annual renewable energy salary report, as well as bespoke salary surveys & benchmarking.

Competitor Insights

Many organisations want to learn more about key candidate behaviours and preferences, as well as overall hiring demands for certain roles, particularly when it comes to your top competitors.

Organisational structures, market positioning and employee value propositions are just some of the things we can support with.

We are able to utilise our extensive knowledge of renewable energy and sustainability markets to provide data-led insights to give you a competitive edge and help you make better business decisions.

The Research Process

When working with us you can expect to be included and always updated throughout a research project.

We make sure we take the time to understand what your objectives are and how our market insights and research skills can support you to achieve those.

If your requirements go further than a quick snapshot or query, then our research services are here to help.

Project Brief

We get to know you and the problems you are trying to solve.


Our plan for achieving objectives and answering your questions.

Kick-Off Meeting

We expand upon your research requirements and formalise the project.

Project Phase

We define, collate and analyse.

Delivery & Debrief

We deliver our summarised findings, recommendations and conclusions.

Interested in our research services?

Let's start a conversation, and discuss how we can help you with your research needs.

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