Who we are

We are Climate17.

We are recruitment specialists across Clean Energy & Environmental markets. Our name relates to climate change mitigation and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals issued by the UN. Climate Change is an issue affecting every country on every continent, disrupting economies, communities and people greatly.

Climate17’s services support organisations working toward delivering these goals for the benefit of our global economy.

We are Expert.

Established to tackle talent shortages across Energy & Environmental markets through the provision of unrivalled market knowledge, proactive search methodology and professional networks. Our founders have spent over 20 years recruiting specialist talent for market leading organisations in these ever increasingly competitive sectors and know how hard it is to get results.

We will succeed where others have failed.

At Climate17, we do not see your business as a training ground for junior consultants. You can be assured you will be dealing with experienced consultants who know what they’re doing. Ultimately, your business will be presented to the right people in the right way.

We are passionate.

We have dedicated our careers to going above and beyond providing just a ‘basic’ recruitment process. We care about doing a good job and want to ensure people see our unique value propositions in our service; Knowledgeable, Passionate, Genuine and Effective.


To build partnerships with our clients, candidates and colleagues, allowing us to connect the right people to the right organisations supporting the global fight against climate change.

Unique Value Propositions.

Knowledgeable: We are true specialists and are always expanding our knowledge to remain at the forefront of our markets.

Passionate: We have worked across Energy & Environmental markets for many years and have a genuine desire to contribute to their growth and development.

Genuine: We are open and honest. We seek to build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and candidates.

Effective: When a client matches their commitment to ours, we will always deliver.