Victor Li Lin

Consultant - Renewable Energy (Spain & LATAM) +34 662204505

I work as a Recruitment Consultant in renewable energy, supporting our clients to find talent for their different projects. I not only focus on finding the ideal profile at a technical level, but also at a personal level.

I’ve been working in recruitment since 2020. I started in the IT sector with very technical profiles, before continuing in another more generalist position, where I could learn and observe the different profiles of several sectors.

I have a background in psychology, specialising in organisation and human resources, and have also been trained in sports psychology. I obtained skills and values that I use in my daily work, such as communication skills with candidates and understanding people in more depth. In addition, I have always been connected to the sports world, which allows me to learn and apply values such as teamwork, consistency, and perseverance.

Working at Climate17 is a unique experience. As well as being able to help clients find the best talent and candidates the best opportunity, we can contribute our part to fighting climate change through renewable energy.

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