Sonny Hudson

Consultant - Renewable Energy (UK) +44(0)7521510657

As a dedicated professional passionate about renewable energy and sustainability, I am thrilled to join Climate17. My education and background as a Consultant have equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the renewable energy sector, making me well-suited to contribute to Climate17’s mission. Climate 17’s commitment to connecting top talent with impactful organisations aligns perfectly with my values and career goals.


My recruitment experience and technical knowledge of renewables allow me to understand the unique challenges and opportunities in this field. Inspired by Climate17’s environmental commitment and B Corp Certification, I value their dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce. I am eager to collaborate with a team that values integrity, innovation, and impact.


My specialism at Climate17 is Grid Technology, with roles in Grid Connections, Grid Management, and Grid Applications. This is a pivotal part of the renewables development lifecycle, and these positions play a key role in the advancement of the clean energy transition.

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