Samantha Smart

Senior Consultant - Renewable Energy (USA) +44 (0)7999949363

I am honored to be a part of the US team at Climate17, specializing in the Renewable Energy market. I have spent 11 years in the recruitment industry, honing my skills in international executive talent which has equipped me with valuable insights to contribute to our team's success. I am thrilled to work with Climate17 to help purpose-driven companies to achieve their missions through effective team building.

My love of recruitment is rooted in a genuine desire to help individuals flourish. Recognizing that exceptional talent is cultivated through hard work, dedication, and kindness, I strive to support professionals in navigating significant career transitions. I understand that changing roles can be a profound life experience, and my goal is to empower individuals, helping them realize their professional aspirations.

Growing up surrounded by the tranquility of the countryside has fueled my passion for renewable energy and sustainability. This connection to nature has transformed me into a fervent advocate for environmental protection. Beyond the workplace, I actively engage in volunteer work, particularly in the realms of recycling, reinforcing my commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Being a part of Climate17 fills me with pride, as the company aligns seamlessly with my values. With a strong mission and unwavering commitment to sustainability, Climate17 is at the forefront of driving positive change for a better tomorrow. I am excited to be part of this dynamic team and contribute to a future where environmental consciousness and business success go hand in hand.

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