Rachel Gladdis

Senior Consultant - Sustainability (UK)

rachel@climate17.com +44 (0)7724 600122

My focus is sustainability recruitment, particularly working with corporates and specialist advisory firms. I enjoy working across a range of sectors, sourcing candidates from junior consultants to senior executives.

The exciting thing about sustainability is that it is continually evolving and has become a popular career choice, which demonstrates how urgent the climate emergency has become. I find great satisfaction in helping people on their green career journey and getting to know clients and candidates who are passionate about sustainable living, solving the climate crisis and finding impactful solutions.

My drive and resilience comes from over 20 years’ experience within recruitment. There are highs, lows and unique situations which cannot be planned for. We are dealing with people after all! Being realistic, working through situations on a case-by-case basis and challenging myself to achieve personal goals keeps me motivated. It’s fair to say that I am an established recruiter that has seen tough times. I take pleasure seeing how the workplace has evolved, with greater career choice for school leavers, improved working conditions and legislation, equality and recognition for LGBTQ and a healthier work life balance.

I believe it is vital that we take an active role in protecting our environment for future generations.  Whether eating less meat, making ethical and sustainable fashion choices, or holding corporations accountable for their GHG emissions. 

At Climate17, I am proud to work with like-minded recruiters who share their knowledge and experience. I look forward to helping more sustainability professionals find their next career move.

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