Neeraj Ghale

Consultant - Energy & Sustainability (UK) 07745 739903

I have recently joined the team as a Consultant in Energy & Sustainability. It's a fantastic time to join a great team with continuous goals, contributing to positive environmental change. 

Prior to my journey with Climate17, I was part of the HR team at Draken Europe, in the aerospace/defence sector. My key contribution was working on the process mapping of the recruitment cycle and the candidate onboarding process from the verbal offer/contract of employment going out to the start date for the candidate in order to ensure a smooth transaction, especially with paperwork/high-level clearances required. The experience with recruitment at Draken is what led me to pursue a career in recruitment. 

Before working at Draken and having graduated from university (BA HONS Business and Management) I was working as a Business Development Specialist at Astute. Over two years, this endeavour gave me key insights, strong communication skills, resilience and perseverance which has helped me through various situations in life! I hope to use this to enhance my journey with Climate17 and add value to the fantastic team and their goals!  

With my previous experiences in mind, I look forward to working with an organisation that contributes to positive change, building relations to help people achieve their dreams and goals! 

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