Michelle Turner

Executive Researcher

michelle@climate17search.com 07513 702534

I have always had an acute awareness of the world and the amazing cultures within it. I was taught from the start to appreciate and respect the places we visited as a family and the people we met. This appreciation has grown to an advocacy of how worldly awareness can bring such an important perspective to how we go about our daily lives. I guess you could say this is my golden thread.

It is probably no surprise then that I come from a diverse working background, having originally studied, and worked in, the tourism industry. Add to this being raised by an engineer and you start to build a picture of my inquisitive nature mixed with a passion for people. This inquisitive nature led me into research, and it was here that I found my niche in consultancy.

I have since worked within the built environment for 8 years or so, having fine-tuned my ability to understand and interpret business operations, strategies, and market insights through investigative research and analysis.

I joined Climate17 in 2022 as an Executive Researcher to support the development and delivery of Climate17 Search. I came to Climate17 with the desire to make a difference.

Good practices start with good people. My belief is that truly sustainable practices can support the protection of our natural environment. I hope we may find our balance as humanity to embrace our advancements and be proud of our technical capabilities while allowing a keen sense of responsibility to guide us.

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