Martina Zandara

Manager - Renewable Energy (Italy) +34 662204430

Having joined Climate17 in 2023, I lead the Italian Renewable Energy team across the whole life cycle, and specialise myself in Project Development.

With a Bachelor’s in Psychology, a PhD in HR and nearly 20 years of experience in the recruitment sector, I bring extensive recruitment knowledge and experience to Climate17. I started my professional career in recruitment in 2007 based in Italy, and then moved to Spain in 2011, where I specialised in the Italian, Spanish and German markets.

I am very conscious of the need for a profound energy transition to limit climate change, and my work to help this process makes me proud of my role and purpose every day. I am particularly driven by the ever-evolving Renewable Energy industry and its immense potential, and by the booming Italian market. I am an ambitious person with a constant desire to learn and grow, making this dynamic industry particularly suitable. It is very important to me to work with honesty and conscientiously to improve the environment and our society.

With Climate17’s international presence and team, I am able to utilise my Italian-Spanish bilingualism and high English proficiency. I utilise these as well as my perseverance and strong communication skills to understand the needs of my clients and candidates and create the perfect match. I always aim for a win-win situation for all.

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