Margot Cauchoix

Consultant - Renewable Energy (France) +33(0)749297571

My experience with Climate17 started in 2022.  I am part of the French team, working mainly with wind and solar developers.

Before that, I was a Law student. I started my studies in France, in Paris, and then I went to Spain, in Valencia, to do a master's degree in Human Rights, Peace and Sustainable Development. I wanted to continue my studies abroad to discover a new country, a new culture and especially a new language.

Valencia is a city where I feel at home and that's why after 2 years, I decided that I didn't only want to study there but also to work. 

I joined Climate17 because I believe we share the same values and ambition to try to make our world more sustainable. I'm happy to help people achieve their goals and develop their careers, especially if it helps to reduce climate change challenge.

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