Lucas Seyda

Manager - Renewable Energy (Germany) +34 671358248

I am delighted to lead the German Renewable Energy team at Climate17 and help renewable energy companies find the right talent to grow their business. To be part of this ambitious project is more than just a lifestyle I identify with; it's a must!

I joined Climate17 in 2023 and focus on Grid Connection, Project Management and Construction Management. We particularly work with start-ups, scale-ups and high-growth companies and help new businesses establish themselves in Germany. I always focus on building a strong professional relationship with those I work with, allowing me to connect with them and really understand what they’re looking for.

I started in the recruitment industry back in 2017 and worked for three years in Düsseldorf and Valencia in specialised recruitment of engineering and technical positions. After a few years in sales positions offering automation and supply chain solutions, I decided to go back to the industry I have enjoyed most to do what I am most passionate about: helping people find their path and excel in their professional career.

Prior to joining Climate17, I worked closely with the Kick Out Plastic Foundation, where I discovered my passion for sustainability and influencing other generations to take small steps towards a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. To now be working in specialised recruitment in renewable energies is an effective and meaningful way to contribute to climate-positive change.

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