Isabel Neumann

Resourcer - Renewable Energy (Germany) +34 661304058

I am excited to be the new member of the German team at Climate17 focusing on wind and solar developers. I will help our clients to find the best talent on the market, ensuring successful projects. I will also help candidates take the next step on their personal career path, enable further development, and find the job they are passionate about.

After working in the Human Resource Department of the German Armed Forces for one year, I came to Valencia to study International Business. In university, I participated in the program UV Sustainability, where we learned in depth about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It was clear to me, my work had to be about people and about the environment.

Living a conscious lifestyle means to adapt in all areas of life. Renewable energy is the key when it comes to maintaining our current standards of living, and having the least impact possible. It is the future and our main tool on our way to a carbon-neutral world and therefore a sector that is worth working in. 

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