David Michó

Consultant - Renewable Energy (Spain & LATAM)

dmicho@climate17.com +34 649190307

I am delighted to have joined Climate17 recently, in mid-2024, as a Consultant in the Spain and LATAM team in the Renewable Energy sector, focussing on Grid Connection and Construction.

With previous experiences in Retail Management on an international level and in Recruitment, as well as a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in HR Management, I bring an array of experience and expertise to Climate17.

Climate17 stood out to me through their purpose and values. I wanted to become a part of the climate-positive journey and help companies improve their environmental and sustainable impact. I strive from the connections I form with my clients and candidates and love the variety of roles and seniorities I work with. I am empathetic and calm by nature, which allows me to successfully navigate this challenging and dynamic environment.

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