Claudia Messina

Consultant - Renewable Energy (Italy) +34 687314460

As a Consultant in the Italian Renewable Energy team, I specialise in Grid connection and give my support in finding the best candidates to meet our clients’ needs.

Prior to joining Climate17 in 2023, I studied Languages and HR and also gained experience working in customer experience and recruitment, between Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK. These experiences allowed me to develop strong communication and people-skills, grow a love for international environments and discover my aspiration to work in recruitment.

I am strongly motivated by the Italian market, and particularly its southern regions, which hold a lot of potential regarding Renewable Energy projects. As well as helping people find their dream roles, I am also contributing to the development of my country, which is what motivates me the most.

To tackle the challenges of my vertical, I bring a strong level of resilience and patience, and a long-term vision to my role, allowing me to continuously progress and create the perfect candidate and client match.

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