Amy Hugo

Senior Consultant - Sustainability (UK) +44 (0)7754 853847

I graduated from Nottingham University in 2005 in Hispanic Studies with Film and was very fortunate to begin my career at London Business School. There, I worked across recruitment, admissions and marketing for 9 years, ultimately as Senior Manager for Degree Programmes Recruitment where I led all recruitment activity to attract and select highly skilled and experienced professionals to apply.  Following that, I spent 8 years as an Expert Admissions Coach at Fortuna Admissions, coaching top talent from all over the world in their applications to the best international business schools. 

The thing I loved most about these roles was helping individuals achieve their full potential in life – there was nothing more gratifying than hearing from candidates when they had been offered a spot at their dream business school! Many of the candidates I worked with had a passion for making a positive difference in the world – whether that was by transitioning to an impactful career in the renewable energy sector, or by starting their own sustainable finance venture. With a strong personal interest in creating a kinder, more sustainable and greener future for our planet, I absolutely loved working with people who truly cared about having a positive environmental and societal impact. 

I was therefore thrilled to join Climate17 - a purpose-led, international Renewable Energy & Sustainability recruitment firm - where I work exclusively with purpose-driven individuals, connecting them with companies with similar values that are striving to have a positive impact.  My focus is on Climate17’s sustainability side of the business, covering Corporate Sustainability, Sustainable Finance and Sustainability Consulting. 

In my free time I love exploring the world, getting out into nature with my young family, going to the movies or the theatre, and laughing with friends and family. I’m also an avid fan of cold water therapy and sea-dipping and recently completed a year of daily sea swims to raise money for SOS Africa (an education-focused charity in South Africa) and Care4Calais (a charity that helps refugees and asylum seekers in desperate need).

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