Climate17 recognise that every client has different needs, so in many cases our services are bespoke. They do however derive from 3 core service models:

Talent Acquisition 
Thanks to our extensive industry knowledge and enviable professional networks, we are able to source and attract candidates who are traditionally out of reach. Many of our candidates are referred to us exclusively through our networks and so aren’t available through any other source. We proactively source and engage high-quality candidates who meet your requirements and conduct indepth interviews to qualify each prior to submission.

Recruitment Strategy
We know how hard it is to find the right candidates in these ever increasingly competitive markets. We will work closely to understand your business’ specific needs and help create a defined recruitment strategy in order to fulfil these. We can assist in defining and scoping roles, setting informed remuneration packages, creating attractive and compelling job adverts, as well as effective resourcing plans.

Engagement & Onboarding
Employee engagement and onboarding is an important part of any new employees experience. Getting it wrong costs in both financial and cultural terms. With our engagement and onboarding support, we can help you to retain the best people for your business. We take our service beyond placement and support candidates’ settlement in their new roles, making sure they’ve completed their induction, training and integration.


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