Renewable Energy

Building Xodus’ Renewables Division

Xodus are a leading global energy consultancy formed in 1993. Initially focussed on the offshore oil and gas industry, Xodus acquired Aurora Environmental in 2007, a leading Orkney-based environmental consultancy. This led them into the marine renewables sector, providing environmental support for wave, tidal and offshore wind projects.

Their Objective

In mid-2018, Xodus approached Climate17 with the objective of forming a dedicated renewables division. They felt the time was right for Xodus to establish this division, to focus on providing technical expertise and commercial insight to help their clients deliver efficient, cost-effective renewable energy projects This division would then be able to draw upon the capabilities of the broader Xodus Group to solve client’s challenges in an integrated, innovative and intelligent way.

Our Role

Climate17’s focus on climate change mitigation and the proliferation of renewable energy were in synergy with Xodus’ objectives. In addition to this, our established presence in the market, along with our experience in identifying and acquiring key talent for growing companies made Climate17 a natural fit.

Climate17 worked with Xodus as an exclusive partner and were in regular dialogue with them throughout the process. We worked to understand their specific needs and helped to create a defined recruitment strategy in order to fulfil these.

We undertook a nationwide search, effectively and efficiently sourcing candidates who could add real value to this new area of the business.

We performed in-depth interviews with each candidate to qualify them prior to submission and because many of our candidates are referred to us exclusively through our long-held professional networks, we were able to introduce candidates who would have been out of reach of traditional advertising methods.

Salary Benchmarking Report

As Xodus were forming a new division from scratch, it was key not only to establish a clear recruitment strategy but also to support them in setting informed remuneration packages which would be competitive within this specific market.

In order to support this, Climate17 performed a salary benchmarking exercise. This was in the form of a report which consisted of recommended salaries for specific technical disciplines split by seniority grade and location, as well as associated commentary and advice.

The Outcome

Over a period of five months, Climate17 successfully placed a number of key staff, including a number of talented and highly experienced Renewable Energy Consultants who now form the core of a successful team driving forward this new area of the business for Xodus. We continue to support Xodus with requirements across both Renewable Energy and Environmental Consultancy and are pleased their Renewables division is now a successful and expanding part of their business.

To discuss how we can help you with similar requirements, please contact Tom Wolsey at Tom is a Director and leads our Renewable Energy practice.

Other success stories

Renewable Energy

Scaling ELMYA Teams and Projects

ELMYA stands out today as a leading contributor to the global renewable energy journey and has established itself in the development, construction and operations & maintenance of renewable energy projects and electrical installations globally. We are proud to have partnered with ELMYA on a variety of projects, from 2018 up to today.  

About ELMYA 

ELMYA is an established global company engaged in the renewable energy and electrical installations sector. The company was founded in 1966 by two friends as an electrical installation company in Spain, with the initial aim of building electrical switchgear panels for multinational electrical equipment suppliers. 

ELMYA progressed rapidly, and in 2004 moved into the electrical installations of renewable energy projects in Spain where they built their first photovoltaic plant, making them an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contractor. A few years later they expanded their EPC activities to the UK, Greece and Peru. They then set an ambitious international growth plan in motion leading to the establishment of operations in?Italy, Mexico, Chile, the Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Argentina. 

Throughout their journey and expansion, ELMYA always kept a shared goal: to maintain their growth and expansion rates and be the benchmark in the development and construction of solar power plants and electrical installations worldwide. 

Our Partnership Story: 2 Key Periods 

Our partnership was initiated by Carlos Soria, Climate17 Director & Co-Founder, who reached out to Carlos Piñar, currently ELMYA’s Managing Director but at the time the HR Director. We initially assisted them in filling EPC roles in Latin America and the UK between 2018 and 2019. 

A year later, in 2020 and after a rise in open vacancies, Carlos Soria reached out to ELMYA again. We subsequently assisted in closing positions in EPC roles in the UK, Spain and Italy. By partnering with them on this bigger project, we played a pivotal role in their continuous international growth. We additionally played a key part in building and scaling their UK Development team, ultimately assisting in their overall company development and expansion. 

Their Challenges & Our Consultative Solutions 

ELMYA’s first key challenge revolved around the growth of their UK EPC projects. EPC positions are usually dependant on specific projects and their locations, creating challenges to hire full-time permanent employees. By providing them with tailored market research and analysis as part of our comprehensive solutions, we guided them through their hiring options for these UK-based EPC projects. This allowed them to assess and understand their options and make informed decisions based on the current market. 

Later on, in 2023, ELMYA shared with us their goal to build an EPC team based in the UK. To assist in this growth, our Data & Insights team crafted a tailored and in-depth salary benchmark document. We conducted a multitude of interviews in the UK, providing ELMYA with informed salary bands per position, location and experience, ultimately providing them with the relevant knowledge and insights to start building their UK EPC team in the upcoming months. 

Beyond recruitment, we continually support ELMYA by helping them better understand their needs, create attractive packages and benchmark salaries to position themselves competitively and develop effective hiring strategies. Our consultative approach allows us to continuously collaborate with them, helping them grow and expand internationally, finding them the most suitable talent to fill their roles, but also playing a key part in their own company development and hiring. 

The Outcomes 

Through a consistent partnership since 2020 and a shared vision in advancing the global transition to clean energy and a more sustainable future, we have played a pivotal role in building and scaling ELMYA’s teams and helping them find the best talent to fill their roles. We are proud to remain their recruitment partner of choice and to continue assisting them in their global expansion and growth.  

Despite the competitiveness of the markets, we successfully guided them through their challenges and needs, enabling them to establish themselves as a strong global market leader. Through our consultative approach, we provided guidance and insights into building effective recruitment strategies, into their target markets, and their global recruitment needs, ultimately helping them understand the intricacies and uniqueness of each market and adapt their strategies accordingly. 

Interested in collaborating? Let’s work together to make a difference. Feel free to reach out to our team here

Otherwise, our Spanish & LATAM page might provide you with the insights and information you are seeking regarding our presence and expertise in these markets. We look forward to working together! 

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Renewable Energy

Empowering Innova’s Growth through a Long-Term Partnership

Innova stands out as a particularly impressive success story within the UK’s rapidly growing renewable energy sector. Climate17 is proud to have partnered with Innova since 2020, helping them to scale their business, build new teams and deliver successful renewable energy projects. 

About Innova 

Innova is a forward-thinking renewable energy business, employing over 120 people across two offices in London and Cheltenham. Innova’s long-term mission is to create utility-scale renewable energy projects using multi-technologies that take large energy intensive users off-grid, positively improving the environment, and benefiting local businesses and communities.   

Innova offer a fully integrated approach to renewable energy developments and operations covering the whole life cycle of any project. This includes planning, grid connections, project rights development, financing, construction and asset management, power purchase agreements, and long-term operations.  

The company encompasses a range of innovative technologies, including solar, battery storage, green hydrogen, and advanced thermal conversion. 

Our Partnership Story

In early 2020, Innova turned to us for assistance, recognising our expertise in renewable energy recruitment. Like many renewable energy companies, Innova was concerned about talent shortages restricting their growth potential. 

The partnership was initiated by Tom Wolsey, Climate17 Director & Co-Founder, who met with Innova at their London office and subsequently assisted them in filling a particularly challenging Technical Director vacancy they had struggled with for a while. 

Following this initial success, we built a close working relationship with Innova over subsequent years, based on increasing levels of credibility and trust, gained through consistent successful delivery of challenging assignments. This led us to become their exclusive talent partner, as they rapidly scaled their business to match their growing project pipeline and the ever-evolving market opportunity in UK solar & battery storage. 

Challenges & Growth 

As Innova continued to grow throughout the years, they faced challenges in sourcing specialised talent to support their rapid expansion. The need for skilled professionals in planning, development management, engineering, project delivery, procurement and asset management became increasingly critical. With many of these being new roles to Innova, we had to source suitable individuals who were both motivated and capable of building these functions from scratch. 

Meeting Innova's growing demand required us to navigate the intricacies of today's competitive recruitment market. In this dynamic environment, successful hiring requires adept forecasting, a solid understanding and analysis of the market, and an extensive community of engaged talent. 

As Innova expanded, we strategically scaled our delivery capabilities and team of recruiters, allowing us to align closely with their evolving needs. 

Our Consultative Solutions   

By listening to Innova’s challenges and understanding their needs, we have been able to foster a close and long-lasting partnership. We have a dedicated central Account Manager who is responsible for undertaking regular performance reviews and centrally co-ordinating delivery across our specialist teams. 

In addition to this, our recruiters engage directly with Innova hiring managers, ensuring a tailored and collaborative approach. 

Our comprehensive solutions include permanent recruitment, retained search, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), and insightful market analysis.  

Together, these have allowed us to continuously find Innova the best and most diverse selection of talent, allowing Innova to reach their fullest potential. Innova benefits from the scalability and flexibility of our RPO service, whilst utilising our retained search service for harder to fill roles. 

We also undertake bespoke annual salary surveys for Innova, ensuring that they achieve pay transparency and position themselves strategically regarding compensation offerings. 

This multi-faceted approach has supported Innova's growth and enabled them to define their unique EVP (employer value proposition), as well as recruit a high volume of specialist roles throughout the years.  

The Outcomes 


"We have outsourced the majority of our recruitment to Climate17 over the past 4 years and they have been pivotal in ensuring the growth of our business, consistently delivering top talent for hard-to-fill positions across planning, technical, project delivery, corporate services and corporate finance. We have worked closely with them to ensure we are consistently developing our employer value proposition and positioning our business as an employer of choice to new employees, as well as retaining our existing staff." - Robin Dummett, Co-Founder & Joint CEO

Through a collaborative approach and a shared commitment towards advancing the global transition to clean energy, Climate17 has played a pivotal role in building Innova's workforce and fuelling their success in the renewable energy sector. Since 2020 and for the foreseeable future, we are proud to be Innova’s recruitment partner and continue to assist with their growth and success.

Interested in collaborating? Let’s work together to make a difference. Reach out to our team here

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