Renewable Energy

Building Xodus’ Renewables Division

Xodus are a leading global energy consultancy formed in 1993. Initially focussed on the offshore oil and gas industry, Xodus acquired Aurora Environmental in 2007, a leading Orkney-based environmental consultancy. This led them into the marine renewables sector, providing environmental support for wave, tidal and offshore wind projects.

Their Objective

In mid-2018, Xodus approached Climate17 with the objective of forming a dedicated renewables division. They felt the time was right for Xodus to establish this division, to focus on providing technical expertise and commercial insight to help their clients deliver efficient, cost-effective renewable energy projects This division would then be able to draw upon the capabilities of the broader Xodus Group to solve client’s challenges in an integrated, innovative and intelligent way.

Our Role

Climate17’s focus on climate change mitigation and the proliferation of renewable energy were in synergy with Xodus’ objectives. In addition to this, our established presence in the market, along with our experience in identifying and acquiring key talent for growing companies made Climate17 a natural fit.

Climate17 worked with Xodus as an exclusive partner and were in regular dialogue with them throughout the process. We worked to understand their specific needs and helped to create a defined recruitment strategy in order to fulfil these.

We undertook a nationwide search, effectively and efficiently sourcing candidates who could add real value to this new area of the business.

We performed in-depth interviews with each candidate to qualify them prior to submission and because many of our candidates are referred to us exclusively through our long-held professional networks, we were able to introduce candidates who would have been out of reach of traditional advertising methods.

Salary Benchmarking Report

As Xodus were forming a new division from scratch, it was key not only to establish a clear recruitment strategy but also to support them in setting informed remuneration packages which would be competitive within this specific market.

In order to support this, Climate17 performed a salary benchmarking exercise. This was in the form of a report which consisted of recommended salaries for specific technical disciplines split by seniority grade and location, as well as associated commentary and advice.

The Outcome

Over a period of five months, Climate17 successfully placed a number of key staff, including a number of talented and highly experienced Renewable Energy Consultants who now form the core of a successful team driving forward this new area of the business for Xodus. We continue to support Xodus with requirements across both Renewable Energy and Environmental Consultancy and are pleased their Renewables division is now a successful and expanding part of their business.

To discuss how we can help you with similar requirements, please contact Tom Wolsey at Tom is a Director and leads our Renewable Energy practice.

Other success stories

Renewable Energy

Supporting the Expansion of GridBeyond

As the world shifts to a Net Zero future, the rapid rise of renewable energy generation drives the ever-increasing need for grid balancing and flexibility. No matter how environmentally urgent it is to transition to solar and wind, there is no denying that renewable energy is an intermittent energy source. Without the technology with the power to balance it, a clean energy transition would be impossible.

The energy systems of tomorrow are in dire need of scalable solutions. GridBeyond are one of the leading suppliers and developers of one such solution. Their award-winning AI-powered technology platform manages distributed and flexible energy resources, with a powerful vision to dispatch flexibility to the right market at the right time, supporting the transition to Net Zero and enabling asset owners and energy consumers to unlock revenue and savings.

To support their growth, GridBeyond identified a need to add several specialists to their existing team. After unsuccessfully engaging with several other recruitment firms, GridBeyond appointed Climate17 to help fill crucial roles across market development, trading and marketing. 

Working with GridBeyond on these requirements was a fantastic opportunity to work closely with an organisation so well-aligned with our mission to support organisations that are working directly on initiatives to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

About GridBeyond – Key Information

  • GridBeyond’s Intelligent Energy Optimizer lies at the core of what they do – by connecting load, generation and storage assets with opportunities within energy markets.
  • Their innovative platform bridges the gap between distributed energy resources and the requirements of the power grid.
  • Their unique and award-winning energy flexibility technology is currently deployed on over 400 sites worldwide, empowering C&I businesses, EV fleet operators, generators and energy storage operators to maximise revenue and savings.

Understanding the main challenges

GridBeyond’s requirements presented two key challenges – experience and location.

GridBeyond’s niche meant that it was vital for new staff to possess prior knowledge and experience in the energy flexibility space. The number of specialists within this field is extremely limited, and those who have the required experience are usually passive candidates who are unavailable through traditional recruitment methods (advertising etc).

In addition to this, GridBeyond operates both from London and Ireland, with the latter being a particularly challenging location to source candidates from.

Filling crucial roles at GridBeyond

In June 2020, one of our Associate Directors’, Kris Kobi, took charge of the search. He worked in close partnership with GridBeyond to develop competitive and appealing remuneration packages, as well as  to gain a strong understanding of company culture, short- and long-term objectives. 

Over a period of 8 months, as requirements arose, Kris conducted a targeted search of both UK and Irish markets and was able to present GridBeyond with a number of highly qualified profiles against their requirements.

Kris supported GridBeyond closely during the entire recruitment process, maintaining an open and honest dialogue with them and providing structured and constructive feedback throughout.

Kris played an active role in the creation of job descriptions, person specifications, structure and organisation of interviews, offer management and onboarding.

The outcome and impact

In a specialised and challenging market, Kris successfully identified and placed a Business Development Executive, two Market Development Managers and a Marketing Communications Manager.

GridBeyond continues to power innovation and provide innovative software solutions to solve balancing and flexibility challenges, thus supporting the transition to Net-Zero. 

As Climate17 proved themselves invaluable fulfilling these challenging and crucial roles, we are now the exclusive recruitment partner of GridBeyond, and continue to support their growth across all areas of the business.

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