Climate17 Have Moved to a New Office!

Climate17 Have Moved to a New Office!

Just under 4 years ago, Tom and I launched Climate17 from my converted garage, our very first office. It wasn’t glamourous. But it had meaning, especially to us as it was where our journey began.

We spent a few hundred pounds converting a cold damp garage space with some help from family to end up with a usable space, just big enough for two desks, two chairs and a small portable heater. To be honest, we look back at that period fondly as we started to build some traction on a brand that was well-received, we found purpose, and we developed a service that we felt was growing in demand.

Fast forward three years since leaving the garage and we are now in what I expect will be our office home for the (medium to long ) term and it’s a big step forward from where we started.

We tried to ensure that what our employees wanted from an office space was at the heart of our renovation decisions. We utilised the new space for the type of business that we are as well as importantly take steps to make it sustainable.

During the refurbishment, we installed two soundproofed call booths for the increasing number of video calls we are doing, we added a large boardroom for meetings, a creative room for marketing and a quiet working room for getting away from the main office area. For downtime and lunch breaks, we added a games room, and a mediation, reading and relaxation room as well as a shower and changing room for the increasing number of staff cycling to work.

As a company, we are purpose-driven and in line with our values we want to make sure that our office has no carbon footprint, so from a sustainability perspective, we have upgraded the lighting throughout to LED, we have an Eco heating and Insulation solution and we have committed to installing 19Kwh of Solar on the roof (a project which starts in Q1 2022). In addition, we are looking at the feasibility of rainwater harvesting and we also offset our carbon in the short term.

The space has been much needed for us and has been well received from the team. Although we had two “stepping stone” offices since the garage, it’s a long way from where we started and I am pleased we have been in a position to really invest in the people and business in a way that has created a unique and sustainable space for our staff to benefit from. We will continue to grow and enhance and improve our offering here as a business and we will continue to do all we can to reduce the footprint we leave in doing so.

David Blake, Director