Building Xodus’ Renewables Division

Building Xodus’ Renewables Division

The Client

Xodus are a leading global energy consultancy formed in 1993. Initially focussed on the offshore oil and gas industry, Xodus acquired Aurora Environmental in 2007, a leading Orkney-based environmental consultancy. This led them into the marine renewables sector, providing environmental support for wave, tidal and offshore wind projects.


Their Objective

In mid-2018, Xodus approached Climate17 with the objective of forming a dedicated renewables division.

They felt the time was right for Xodus to establish this division, to focus on providing technical expertise and commercial insight to help their clients deliver efficient, cost-effective renewable energy projects

This division would then be able to draw upon the capabilities of the broader Xodus Group in to solve client’s challenges in an integrated, innovative and intelligent way.


Our Role

Climate17’s focus on climate change mitigation and the proliferation of renewable energy were in synergy with Xodus’ objectives.

In addition to this, our established presence in the market, along with our experience of identifying and acquiring key talent for growing companies made Climate17 a natural fit.

Climate17 worked with Xodus as an exclusive partner and were in regular dialogue with them throughout the process. We worked to understand their specific needs and helped to create a defined recruitment strategy in order to fulfil these.

We undertook a nationwide search, effectively and efficiently sourcing candidates who could add real value to this new area of the business.

We performed in depth interviews with each candidate to qualify them prior to submission and because many of our candidates are referred to us exclusively through our long held professional networks, we were able to introduce candidates who would have been out of reach of traditional advertising methods.


Salary Benchmarking Report

As Xodus were forming a new division from scratch, it was key not only to establish a clear recruitment strategy but also to support them in setting informed remuneration packages which would be competitive within this specific market.

In order to support this, Climate17 performed a salary benchmarking exercise. This was in the form of a report which consisted of recommended salaries for specific technical disciplines split by seniority grade and location, as well as associated commentary and advice.


The Outcome

Over a period of five months, Climate17 successfully placed a number of key staff, including a number of talented and highly experienced Renewable Energy Consultants who now form the core of a successful team driving forward this new area of the business for Xodus.

We continue to support Xodus with requirements across both Renewable Energy and Environmental Consultancy and are pleased their Renewables division is now a successful and expanding part of their business.